Where do you cut plants when pruning?

Make your cuts Make wise cuts to encourage new growth. Cut just before the leaf knot. Or when cutting larger stems, cut them as close to the main stem as possible. However, do not remove more than 25 percent of the plant.

This basic maintenance pruning should cause you to cut each stem until you get a bud that is between six and 10 inches above ground level. Reduce weak growth more severely than stronger stems and, to encourage the replacement of old wood with a new one, cut one of the two main stems of the older wood to the base. Make a clean cut just above a bud, forming an angle away from it. Do not leave a stem that is too long above the bud (right end), as this will rot and allow the disease to enter the rest of the healthy stem.

Make a flat cut (means that moisture does not drain from the cut, which again causes rotting). If cut too low, the yolk loses part of its food source. One drawback of blunt pruning shears (it provides a home for pests and diseases). Cutting toward the yolk (funnels rainwater to it) The best cut is a sharp angle with a clean edge just above the yolk (.

Both vines and trees can be pruned to encourage new and fuller growth throughout the plants, as well as to remove yellow or dead sections.

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