What type of power tool do you need to trim trees and bushes?

Hand shears or sharp pruning shears are best for thinner and easily accessible branches, while chain saws are better for larger branches. For hard-to-reach limbs, use a pole saw to extend the reach to the upper branches. Bypass pruners will be your go-to tool for removing small branches and branches from your garden. These basic pruning shears (also known as secateurs or nail clippers) are your pocket tool and remove branches as small as 1 inch (may vary by brand).

There are also electric secateurs for homeowners who want to save wear and tear on their hands. Branch scissors are a smaller tool used for lighter cutting jobs. The scissors are ideal for non-woody plants. Like pruners, the action of the scissors will cut, not crush, live stems.

Think of dodging clippers as a pair of outstretched arms that will go deeper into the canopy of your trees and shrubs. This tool removes branches from shrubs or trees up to 1 ½ to 2 inches wide (varies by brand) and has long handles that give you greater reach and leverage. This makes it easier on the back by trimming low shrubs. Or, if you climb high in a tree, you'll have several more inches of reach before you need a ladder.

If you need to prune trees, make an investment in a pruning saw. Pruning saws work well if you need to cut branches that are 1 ½ inches wide or larger. Pruning saws come in different lengths and come in straight or curved blade models. So why do you need them? They work well to remove many dead stems at the end of the season.

Like bypass clippers, they come in many different sizes with short and long handles. If you do yard work or just have a lot of dead material at the end of the season, it's good to have them in your arsenal. Bypass hand scissors work like traditional scissors, with a blade that avoids a blunt side to cut the tree branch. Meyer prefers them to anvil scissors, which have a straight blade that closes over a flat edge.

Meyer says that a shear shears an anvil sometimes smashes the branch. Bypass manual scissors remove the branch in a clean cut, allowing the tree to heal faster. Pruners work like hand scissors, but with longer handles and blades for cutting branches up to three inches thick. You need both hands to work the handles, which are between two and three feet long.

This extra length is useful for trimming branches above the head or in uncomfortable places. Once again, Meyer prefers branch blades to anvil blades for a cut. Power tools, such as a cordless pruner, make it easy to work with overgrown shrubs and trees. Or call 651-484-2726.Next, in the line of pruning tools you'll find a pruning saw that is capable of cutting branches from 1 ½ to 5 inches in diameter and is available in many different styles.

To reach dead wood from trees or to prune lightly, a pole pruner (tree trimmer) is a must. Reed pruners can generally be used on any tree and can cut branches up to 1 ¼ inch in diameter. The best part is that most clippers can reach 8 feet or more, eliminating the need for a ladder in many cases. It is also important to note that there are also electric clippers.

They're great when you have small shrubs, dead perennials, evergreens, or hedges. You can use them on any type of hedge shrub to cut a branch up to 2 ¼ inches thick. Put an electric saw on the end of a long pole and you have a pole saw. This saw is perfect for pruning branches that are far away from the ground.

It's also much safer to use compared to climbing a ladder. Because they often fold into the handle or can be easily sheathed, they're ideal for carrying them with you up a ladder or climbing a tree when you want to be able to get close enough to have a lot of control over what you're trimming. These packages may not include the highest quality equipment or tools, but they really are the best way to start pruning your trees without much delay. Rather than worrying about the tools you'll need to complete the job quickly and correctly, when you buy a package with the necessary tools, you can rest assured that you can start pruning your trees right away.

Removing dead or damaged branches from trees also reduces the chances of people and pets suffering material damage or injury to people and pets from the fall of a tree branch. A short handle with very strong blades is what differentiates pruning shears from other tools you can use to prune your trees. Meyer says a traction saw is safer if you're going to use it on a ladder or on a tree so you don't move your body away from the tree. They're also useful for trimming grass around shrubs or trees in your house if you can't get close enough to them with the lawnmower to do so.

A major problem that many people have when they use a pruner to remove or trim the dead branches at the top of their tree is that they have difficulty manipulating the ropes. This is a portable mechanical saw that cuts very thick wood without problems, making it incredibly quick and easy to prune trees without much effort. Normally, when you buy tree trimming tools, you buy cordless tools, as they are easier to operate without having to worry about accidentally cutting or damaging the cable while you are working. Pruning trees is a must, but you don't have to spend your money on professional companies to cut down those messy lower branches.

While electrical garden equipment was not thought to be very powerful in the past, that has changed recently, and it is now possible to obtain power tools for pruning trees that are very powerful and easy to lift and use. Take care of your trees and give them a majestic and clean look by regularly pruning those messy branches. If you have trees or shrubs that bloom in spring, wait to prune them until these trees and shrubs have blossomed and the flowers have started to fade. They can easily cut dead or alive trees without any problems and will shorten any pruning work you want to complete, even if you're removing large branches.

Evergreen trees and shrubs, other than pine trees, shade trees and flowering shrubs, as well as trees that form their buds in the new spring growth and bloom later in the year, benefit from winter pruning.

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