What happens if a tree is too close to your house?

Trees cause soil moisture to fluctuate because of the water levels required to keep a tree alive. This can cause significant problems if a tree is too close to the house, because as the earth contracts and expands, it puts pressure on the foundation and can eventually cause cracks or changes. It's important to know where your property's sewer or septic line is located, as planting trees too close will increase the risk of blockages. Over time, tree roots can grow through pipes as they move into groundwater, and this can cause costly damage to the piping system.

In addition, trees that are too close to houses can affect drainage, causing more water to accumulate near the house, resulting in a increased risk of mold and rot. Knowing the mature size of your species (the size of your tree) will help you determine other steps to take, if necessary. Trees with invasive and aggressive roots, such as the aspen species, should be planted in open spaces to prevent damage to foundations, entrances, fences and sidewalks. If you're worried that your trees aren't planted where they should be, you should work with your garden design professional in Tucson to remove any trees that pose a threat to your home.

Complete Landscaping can help you grow lush, healthy trees around your home in Tucson by calling us at (520) 323-8918 to schedule services. Insects and rodents also use trees to access buildings, where they can inadvertently spread insect infestations, such as termites, among other things. Cracks and other damaged areas, such as a dying piece of branch in a tree trunk, may indicate that internal decay is occurring. Depending on the species and the maturity of the tree in question, there are some distinctions and options to explore before considering tree removal as a definitive solution.

If that doesn't work and you're in love with the house, know that you'll have to pay for the felling of trees on your own and budget for that cost. Otherwise, cutting large roots will make the tree susceptible to infestations and diseases, while cutting smaller ones only delays its inevitable nature of regrowth. With the strong winds of the monsoon season and the occasional winter storms, Tucson has a lot of weather that can damage unpruned trees. If a medium-sized tree too close to your home has caused damage or falls to the roof, most home insurance policies will help you pay for the costs of repairs and removal of trees.

Whenever you suspect that your tree is suffering from one or more of these problems, contact your local tree expert to visit your property and assess the situation. An expert can tell you if you should worry about how close that tree is to the house or if everything is OK.

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