How much of a tree can you cut without killing it?

If a tree repeatedly loses too much of its crown at once, it may weaken or even die from stress. That's why you shouldn't cut more than 25% of a tree's crown at a time. Cutting the neck of the branch can also be a serious mistake. You may be tempted to prune your trees heavily to provide more growth space for grass or other plants.

However, excessive pruning is very unhealthy and, in fact, can kill a plant. As a general rule, do not prune more than 15% of the foliage. If you must leave room for other plants, it's better to remove a tree completely than to risk over-pruning it.


cuts can stimulate new growths that, unfortunately, will die as temperatures drop to zero.

Trees and shrubs reduce their energy production as the growing season ends, so new growth in autumn will use the energy reserves stored in the plant. Regressive death due to a freeze means that the energy used for this growth was wasted. Damage to tree bark is serious and can be fatal to the tree. Bark damage caused by pruning branches can be avoided if branches are not pulled or dropped through the crown of a tree and the appropriate three-step pruning method is used for branches.

Pruning should begin when the tree is first planted. Your goal in the tree's first year is to ensure that it survives the transplant, not to preserve all the thin leaves and branches. You can to establish the strong core leader you want, but also be a little cautious. You don't want so many wounds that the tree can't heal and grow.

Larger cuts, such as when thinned, require two cuts to be made before the final cut (see Fig. This eliminates the problem of the branch breaking or tearing the bark off the bottom when the branch falls. You may want to hold a rope to help hold the large branch, and then make the first cut at the bottom of the approximately 12-inch branch. Cut about a third of the way through the branch, stopping before the saw is tied.

Make the second cut at the top of the branch, approximately 1 inch. Keep cutting until the branch comes off. It could be that all the branches where the new growth would sprout were cut off. If so, this may cause a delay as the tree responds.

Removing branches by pruning normally wouldn't kill a tree in a round. However, everything is possible if the cuts were severe or if they were made in a way that damaged the tree's ability to recover. Without seeing the tree it's hard to tell. Because the plant cannot close the wound, a flush cut leaves an opening for pests and pathogens to enter the plant and damage or kill it.

Because pruning trees can be a difficult task, calling a specialist like Martin's Tree Service can save you time and frustration. Dead branches not only pose a serious danger to life and property, but they can also affect the health of a tree. If you remove 2 tons of branches from one side of the tree during the night, a heavy rain to soften the ground and a strong wind blows it. But my problem is when people with chain saws start massacring mature trees for no solid horticultural reason.

It is not recommended to cover any type of tree and, in the case of white pines (as described below), it is likely to kill them. Over time, these saplings turn into branches that are weakly attached to the tree and can easily fall during storms and strong winds. Even though I would have advised not to (as your arborist seems to have done), the tree responded wonderfully. I have a pompom pine and it's getting too tall to reach the top and keep its pompoms.

Homeowners may think that what they should ask for is what they should ask for when they hire someone to prune their large trees, but it's not. He cut the top of the tree about 5 feet higher than the fork, on both forks he cut everything but about 3 feet. As for your future related to the disease, it depends on what the disease was and where it affected the tree in general. If you've ever seen a cut forsythia or a tree in the crown, then you'll know that cuts on the head generally don't work well.

It would be wonderful if you did an episode or write about the cultural practice of cutting down trees (or I missed it). . .

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