How do you get rid of a fallen tree?

You can report city trees and branches that have fallen to the ground on public property to the Parks and Recreation Department (DPR). Public property includes streets, sidewalks, parks, and other public places. From strong wind shears to the need for more sunlight to enter the grass, there are many reasons for a tree to fall, but removing debris can be a challenge. Only the limbs can take hours to work with a chainsaw, and you'll still have to go through a chipper, load it in a garbage dump, or wait for a family member to come and pick it up for the winter.

If you find yourself stuck in this situation, check out some of the best ways to remove debris from fallen or pruned trees below. Once you're sure, cut down the tree, starting at the top to remove branches. Go down until you've removed all the branches from the tree, and then divide them into manageable slices with a chainsaw. eHow recommends that the slices taper closer to the tree trunk.

Before making a tree service request, ensure that you have not previously submitted the same request. If you need to check the status of your application, visit 311 Online. For homeowners who can't afford a tree trimming service to get in and remove debris and don't have anyone interested in getting firewood for free, a resident-friendly garbage container is a perfect option for discarding fallen trees. As mentioned earlier, removing a fallen tree from your property requires a lot of work and planning.

You can check the status of your damaged or fallen tree report, or other tree service request, by calling 311 or visiting 311 online. Last week, my garden team and my long-time arbalists at SavaTree removed a large tulip from my pond, which had fallen during a storm early last year. When a tree you own has fallen or been professionally removed, that doesn't mean it's the end of all the benefits it can provide. There may be a few ways to (safely) remove fallen trees and branches from your garden, but in many cases, it's probably a good idea to hire professionals.

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