Does georgia power trim trees?

To reduce interruptions caused by contact with trees, we prune the trees on our power lines following a planned cycle. Also keep power lines away from the limbs and the brush. The power lines that run through city and neighborhood streets are called distribution lines. Tree branches that come into contact with power lines are a major cause of power outages, and branches that touch power lines can receive power or even break and fall, causing lines to collapse with them.

Keeping power lines free of branches and weeds also makes it easier to access our lines, which means faster power restoration during storms or other times of trouble. When pruning trees, we complete the entire line and do not schedule individual pruning requests. We removed tree branches from the easement area that grow in the servitude space. Pruning can be done by crews using mechanical tree pruning equipment, aerial forklifts, or manually by climbing equipment.

Pruning cycles can range from two to fifteen years. Whether due to growth or damage caused by a storm, trees that come into contact with power lines are hazardous to everyone, and Georgia Power has determined that specific trees and ornamental plants are acceptable for planting in servitude. These methods involve pruning the side branches and directional trimming to remove strong branches or branches from the tree trunk. Georgia Power prunes trees according to standards developed by the United States National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Arboricultural Society (ISA).

A tree on private property that interferes with power lines: in this situation, the size of the tree makes the difference. Debris and logs may not be removed the same day the tree pruning work is completed, however, they will be removed from the property as soon as possible. When trees come into contact with or interfere with power lines, there is a strong possibility of catastrophic damage to the tree, surrounding structures and human life. Combustion and fire hazard: Tree branches in contact with power lines become energized, heated and may catch fire.

In this situation, call 911 for emergency fire services and avoid trying to put out a burning tree (that is in contact with power lines) with a garden hose or other water source. Fallen power lines in your car: If a fallen tree causes power lines to come into contact with your vehicle while you are inside, DO NOT get out of the car or attempt to move the power lines. If this occurs, the tree contractor and Georgia Power will work with the individual homeowner to find a solution. A tree on public property that interferes with power lines: Anyone can report public trees that pose an imminent threat to utilities and power lines to the City of Atlanta Parks Department, who will send an arborist to determine if the tree needs to be pruned or remove it completely.

The vegetation management program is a voluntary program in which the customer can choose to participate and grant additional tree pruning rights to Georgia Power with the overall goal of increasing the reliability of the distribution circuit.

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