Can you just trim a tree?

Yes, you can kill a tree if you prune it too much. It's best to start small and remove only a few branches at a time. Then, every year, continue to work on it until you reach the desired shape. It's never a bad time to remove dead, damaged, or diseased branches.

But most trees benefit from pruning in the middle or late winter. Pruning during inactivity encourages new growth as soon as the climate starts to warm up. The lack of leaves after autumn allows you to easily identify the branches and branches that need to be removed. Taking advantage of these months of inactivity gives me time to develop a plan for pruning and pruning trees in my garden.

Large pruning jobs should be left to a professional, but trimming branches and small trees is perfectly manageable. By pruning and pruning trees in specific ways, you can encourage fruiting and flowering, shape plants into specific shapes, and control plant size.

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