Can i trim a tree that is touching a power line?

Since branches can conduct electricity, it is always recommended that you do not attempt to cut branches that touch the power line. You will be exposed to the risk of electric shock. Fallen trees that are entangled in power lines pose an electrocution and fire hazard. Active cables that are entangled in branches can also transmit a charge to the surrounding ground, meaning you can be electrocuted even if you don't touch or walk directly over fallen lines.

Yes, pruning trees near power lines helps. Many responsible power companies prune trees on power lines. Tree branches that touch power lines can be very dangerous, as they provide an alternative path for electricity and anyone who touches or climbs trees can be electrocuted. The use of a crane is necessary in situations where a tree or branch cannot be lowered to the ground because there are objects in the road (such as a house).

So, when you hire a tree trimmer to prune near the power lines in your garden or property, make sure that the person you hire is certified to do so. If a tree branch falls on power lines, the first thing you should do is call the utility company, since it's your job to take care of these things. In cases where a tree cannot be reached safely with heavy equipment, the climber will have to climb the tree, cut it into pieces, and lower or drop each piece individually. Therefore, it becomes essential to eliminate any trees and other vegetative flora to avoid contact with power supply lines.

These include the size of the tree, the number of branches to be trimmed or removed, or even the size of the tree. If you have a tree near or in contact with a power line, it is recommended that you find a local arborist or tree trimming service and ask to have the tree pruned for you. Usually, when people see tree branches on the main power lines in their neighborhood, they don't know when to call the utility company. Yes, electricity can flow through trees near power lines and destroy them, as well as the person in contact with the tree.

Finally, when looking for a good tree trimming service, insist that they set a price that meets your tree needs. You should inform all neighbors about the tree on the power line and explain to them that approaching or touching it can be dangerous. Pruning trees is very important and has many benefits, however, pruning near tree electrical services can be very dangerous. If there are other power lines in the area, buildings, or other structures that block access, or if there is no space to “park and stabilize” the crane, then other removal methods might be a better option.

These tree branches can also catch fire during the dry season and ultimately melt power lines, causing power lines to break and, therefore, broken cables would be left out in the open and anyone who came close to them could be electrocuted.

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